About us

Vibrant destinations management company since 2000, we at Off 2 Sri Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd. are proud to have earned the reputation of being a reliable and sought after tour operator in Sri Lanka.

With a clear focus on client satisfaction and value for money, we believe in gaining more satisfied customers through offering the best rates possible for the best services, rather than aiming for higher profits in a niche market. With our existing list of services and meticulous expansion plans, we strive to be a noteworthy entity in the local as well as global travel and leisure industry.

At Off 2 Sri Lanka Travels we are committed to providing great travel at the cheapest available price. We are a full service travel retailer offering you rent a car with a chauffeur guide, rent a mini coach with a chauffeur guide, coach travel, holiday packages, hotel accommodation, travel insurance and more for your convenience.

As a global operator, we take our role in the tourism industry very seriously. We recognize the impact that tourism has on local communities and the environment, and we plan and operate all our tours with this front of mind. We believe that every tour operator must be responsible in the way they conduct their business, to ensure the welfare of all people and the conservation of the environment.

Off 2 Sri Lanka (Pvt.) Ltd is currently planning further expansions in the business and will have a branch office in London soon. We welcome all inquiries about possible franchise or partnership opportunities