Rent a car

Rent a car with a professional chauffeur on KM basis

If you have limited period to explore a lot, I would like to propose you to rent a car with a driver guide. You can hire a car with an English speaking tourist driver & travel through the country side with the above itinerary or any of your own itinerary, and all other interested places at your own pace & time. It is so simple, you decide when and where you would like to be and plan out your tour on a daily basis.

The hotels or guesthouses (available from 40 US$ per/night – Double rooms with AC) can be selected on a daily basis as per your choice, even after visiting them by yourself before booking. As all of our cars has wifi (free) you can easily find hotel on the way. If assistance required regarding hotel selections/bookings, we will be glad to help you in selecting / booking your accommodation as a registered travel agent we have special rates for all Sri Lankan hotels.


  • The price for a KM for an air conditioned car (Toyota corolla /Prius Nissan Sunny -YOM above 2011) is USD 00.35.
  • The price for a KM for an air conditioned van (Toyota KDH 201 /Nissan E 25 -YOM above 2011) is USD 00.40.

Terms and conditions

All the tours are started and terminated at Colombo. Mileage also calculated considering Colombo as the starting and ending point. If the tour is starts from the airport (The airport is situated at 35 km away from Colombo), 35 KM has to be added to the total number of kms at the end of the tour. Driver's Salary is USD 10 per day. Meals of the driver will be take cared by himself. Most of the hotels/guesthouses (over 90 % ) provide accommodation for the driver FOC but if there are no driver accommodation provided free of charge at a certain hotel/guesthouse you will have to provide the driver 10 US$ per night for his accommodation. We recommend to stay at Tourist board approved hotels or Guest Houses for your safety. Daily driving hours will be between 7.00 am to 7 pm. You can discuss with the driver & adjust the timings accordingly if the vehicle is required after 7 pm. On arrival & departure days the vehicle can be utilized according to the flight hours at any time. To visit wildlife parks, 4WD jeeps have to be hired & charges to be paid directly You can start the tour from Colombo airport, if the flight details are provided to us in advance. Please look for the "Mr./Ms. Your Name" name board, which will hold by our airport representative at the arrival lobby at your arrival time. If not you could start the tour from any selected hotel/location. If so, please send the name of the hotel (with hotel phone number) and date/time which the driver should come to meet you' You have to do a 100 km each day. (KMs 100 will be added to the mileage for leisure days). If you palm to spend few days at a beach resort, we advise you to release the vehicle at beach resorts and get another car for the departure.

Rent a car with a professional chauffeur on daily basis

Prices per a day
(round tours above 10 days)

  • Car: 60 US$ per day
  • Van: 65 US$ per day

Prices per a day
(round tours bellow 10 days)

    The pricing depend on the mileage and the number of days.Please provide your itinerary for a quote.

Above prices include

  • Transportation using a latest air conditioned vehicle with fuel.
  • Free wifi while travailing
  • Highway toll
  • Parking fees
  • All local taxes

The price Excludes

  • Entry fees to the sites.
  • Transport for safari parks.
  • Driver guide's accommodation.

Please note

Over 90% of Sri Lanka hotels and guest houses PROVIDE drivers accommodation FOC. If the hotels you select doesn't provide accommodation for the driver, you have to pay USD 10 each a day. If we (Off 2 Sri Lanka Tours) arrange your accommodation, we absorb the driver's accommodation.